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From the United States … Exquisite ... The music is beautiful! ... Music for seekers ... Music of the spheres! ... Nonesuch! ... What a great sound! ... I’ve never enjoyed such beautiful, soothing and relaxing music. Listening to all those beautiful sounds made me feel like I was floating in a cloud. I just love it!! ... Very special ... Listening to [the] music, one can experience peace of mind, and elevation of spirit, and a transformation of soul ... I feel it is deep ... Wonderful music! ... Very moved upon first hearing it ... Thank you! ... I like the titles of the music very much ... Like Chinese Buddhist music ... Beautiful, peaceful music ... It radiates a feeling of peace and contentment as well as calm ... We thank you, for ‘Gentle Light’ from our hearts. There are not enough adjectives for it. The music is gentle, calming, exquisite ... Very impressive! ... I do Tai Chi to it! ... I listened to it all the way through before I even realized it. It’s beautiful! ... During days spent in bed, we played “At the Edge of Dawn” over and over again. We found it ever so calming and healing ... It’s beautiful ... We found it beautiful and so soothing – great for relaxation and meditation ... Beautiful ... Peaceful and melodic ... Oh, it’s so soothing and relaxing! ... I especially liked “Angel Wings” but it wasn’t long enough! ... The music is so soothing I relax and forget my body ... The music is lovely ... Beautiful experience ... It is beautiful ... Completely unexpected ... Really new ... We lit a candle and turned out all the lights to listen ...

From Europe ... Magnificent ... I really love it ... I think your music is wonderful! ... Peaceful ... Beautiful melodies ...



Radio Program Hosts



Thank you for your incredible release. It was my pleasure to airplay it ... Thank you for your special music ... Your fascinating music deserves to be well known all over the world ... I really like your music. And my listeners love it too! ... The music from ‘At the Edge of Dawn’ is extraordinary, I can feel the delicate energy beyond the sounds. Great! ... Featured on my radio program: my listeners enjoyed them too! ... You have managed to blow me away with your unique style and spirit. Happily I like your music, so will endeavor to share both your music and spirit to our audience. Best wishes on propagation of both around the world ...






Music that is all at once, meditative and mysterious, sweet and angelic. To that I must add transportive and dramatic ... James Forte is the epitome of creativity, versatility and musicianship ... a tour-de-force of electronic music that is always reminiscent (I believe) of the spiritual music of India. What an artful juxtaposition ...old and new in perfect harmony ... Every melody delivers Mr. Forte’s unique ability to transport the listener to that place within, that place of God ... James Forte has given us another album that you can listen to … listen to … and listen to … and continue to revel in its beauty and spirituality!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor,




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