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An Inspirational Guide to Everyday’s Life, August 5, 2002
Jian R. Liu from MA, USA


“I am so impressed by the mysterious story of the white tiger with white stripes and its profound spiritual meanings revealed in a stunningly elegant language that I finished reading it from cover to cover without taking a break!


I experienced an unusual calmness and peace of mind while reading “God is source” ... “Sustaining Grace, Salvation and Guide” (p. 10). I enjoyed a great satisfaction and encouragement while reading “If someone has done good yesterday, be thankful, goodness endures” (p. 50). What a beautiful truth it is that “Good like a flower, gives joy today, and fragrance tomorrow”! (p. 50).


I couldn’t help laughing while reading “Some try to perfect the world around them, others themselves” (p. 51). What an insightful philosophy of wisdom and life!

I had no words to express my appreciation for the understanding of Superior Being by the author’s highly talented statement: “A voice from deep within spoke, ...”. Only those who could hear the voice from deep within are able to live a life of love and grace.


I have White Tiger White Stripes right on the top of my desk and tried several times to put it away with my other books, but failed to do so. I feel I need to read several lines of it every now and then. It gives me inspiration and peace of mind every time I read it. It helps me to lead a life of wisdom and peace. Oftentimes, people tend to forget that there is a deeper layer of reality which serves as a source of spirit, happiness, and true meaning of life and relationships. Healing begins with realization of this source. Life is so busy and rush that people don’t have time to stop and ponder. As a “ postman”, the author delivers such a hopeful message to help people recognize this great source of life within themselves. It is a very powerful message! People reach their maturity at very different ages. Once an individual encounters the experience of maturity, she or he will certainly enjoy and appreciate the messages delivered by such a wonderful messenger like this author!”


Jian Rong Liu, Master of Theological Studies, HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOL, and former Associate Senior Editor and Director, Social Science Department, SHANGHAI TRANSLATION PUBLISHING COMPANY, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA




“Our most sincere thanks for the beautiful book of poems that just arrived from you. When we have finished absorbing it, we intend to leave it up at the church here, in the library which is part of the church building, for others to be inspired.

In haste as I rush to catch the mail outward bound on the ship that brought your poetry to us....

Warm wishes,”

Tim and Pauline Carr Curators South Georgia Museum

Island of South Georgia




“Thank you so much for the beautiful new book that Jim created. What a wonderful contribution to the world. We will treasure it.”

Elizabeth Benusis, Violoncellist




“Miracles indeed happen all the time. Miracles are from God/Telling of his love.“ That is how I felt when the White Tiger with white stripes ambushed me when I returned home few days back. I had remembered you, and the unforgettable words of the poet-musician arrived at my doorstep. Thank you for remembering me and for the gift of your love. It has been a tortuously long and dry summer this year, and to get your volume of poems was like a heavy shower for our parched earth! Master bless you both!”

Vinod Sena, Professor Emeritus and former head of the English Department

Delhi University






“Poet and composer James Forte has done it again. His keen insight and deep spirituality cut through the morass of life and shine a light on truth. WHITE TIGER WHITE STRIPES is his newest beacon, and in this reviewer’s opinion, shines like a lighthouse on a cloudy and rainy night.


“Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? These questions are answered in an excellent array of untitled poems. For instance, “Do not be attached to your good acts/ Do not be attached to your failures/ Do not be attached to your virtue/ Do not be attached to your guilt/ Love and only love/ Live there/ And no place else.”


“Or, “The ego/ Waddling/ Down the road of life/ Thinks/ It has knowledge/ Of life/ Better/ On your knees/ In pilgrimage/ To the altar/ Of Love/ Divine love”. And another personal favorite of mine, “It/ Is not/ The stripe/ It/ Is not/ The Tiger/ It/ Is not air/ It/ Is/ When we awaken/ To the vibrant love/ As our very



This reviewer has known James Forte for over five years, through his music and poetry. While we’ve never met, I know that James Forte is a seeker and a teacher who speaks from his heart. WHITE TIGER WHITE STRIPES clearly represents this man’s depth of wisdom and love. Further, please see my reviews of his other poetry, When the Rope is Untied; and his music, Through the Mist, Rokka’s Return and At the Edge of Dawn. You will quickly learn that this public man very quietly leads us to the realization that, “The beginning/ Of the path/ Is love/ The end/ Is God.”


WHITE TIGER WHITE STRIPES is a treasure of Light that can illuminate your way to God, our Source!”

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS








FRAGMENTS OF THE WHOLE: “It is truly a labor of love ... [the] thematic treatment is certainly unique” ... “James Forte’s remarkable study of the religious experience in human history ... Forte’s emphasis is upon the nature and purpose of religion as universal and focused upon a single goal. In the tradition of the finest mystical literature, Forte questions theological dogmas and presumptions and allows the perceptive reader to point such questions back to his or her own inner source. Although Forte disclaims this as a scholarly work, it is certainly the inspired testimony of a man who has searched for true answers to spiritual questions, with honesty, courage, determination and with that significant amount of scholarship necessary to make a reasoned comparative evaluation of the world’s religions. ... a salutary addition to that body of literature which aspires to foster understanding and respect for all religions, including one’s own. The book contains a wealth of information concerning both the early tribal religions and the great social religions, mythological systems, and their intrinsic relationships with the Whole. ... delighted me by presenting me with some new ‘a ha!’ insights. I agreed wholeheartedly with the author’s theses and with the skillful way each one was developed and related to the whole picture. I shall return to FRAGMENTS OF THE WHOLE again and again to mine some more spiritual gems from its pages.”

Dr. George Arnsby Jones, Editor, PEACEHAVEN QUARTERLY




“FRAGMENTS OF THE WHOLE ... unique ... remarkable study ... It is a worthy project. So much of what is published is unoriginal and unenlightening. Fragments is different and very interesting.”

Evan Pritchard, Editor, RESONANCE MAGAZINE




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