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Books by James Forte:



WHITE TIGER WHITE STRIPES                   

                 ISBN 1-889560-13-8

WHEN THE ROPE IS UNTIED                       

                 ISBN 1-889560-12-X

NEW WATER                                                        

                 ISBN 1-889560-10-3

THE WHITE EAGLE                                           

                 ISBN 1-889560-09-X

THE TRANSPARENT HERO                          

                 ISBN 1-889560-08-1

MAN OF STONE                                                  

                 ISBN 1-889560-05-7


                 ISBN 1-889560-04-9

FOAM UPON THE SHORE                              

                 ISBN 1-889560-01-4


                 ISBN 1-889560-00-6


                 ISBN 1-889560-03-0



FRAGMENTS OF THE WHOLE                     

                 ISBN 1-889560-06-5



Books by Nancy Mosehauer Forte:






Reviews & comments




“ALONE is not as barren as the title suggests. Kabir-like at times, its lines contain very strong, clear teaching presented in a beautiful way. For those who have been to the top of the mountain, this book is a worthy companion along the onward road. It resonates with the universe and speaks to the understanding of those who have contemplated the mysteries of life. The English language can hardly be expected to be more graceful and more transparent than what is shown in the best of this 92 page collection. A real find!

(Pub’d 1990)


“FOAM UPON THE SHORE looks outward to the world of human events, but from a spiritual perspective. Written in 1988, it contains many memorable poems that are easily accessible, sweepingly dramatic, and full of ancient and contemporary wisdom. ‘Infidel is he/ Who does not see/ The light of God/ Who does not hear/ The Resounding Word of God/ In the temple/ Of his own body…’ Elsewhere, he writes, ‘The stones are holy/ The trees are holy/ Holy is all that is/ Holy is all that breathes…’ This is Forte’s most life-affirming book, and the one which most reflects God in nature.


“ARROWSHAFT is a beautifully appointed, tall and slim book of poems on good, raggy paper. Written in 1983, it is the most contemporary in style. The poems are short and mysterious in a spanking clean, Zen-like way. Yet each is still psalm-like, for example: ‘Why is it/ We want to go/ To faraway places/ To great ice/ And thrusting mountains/ To place of no/ Human home/ Cooling all passion/ Soaring high/ Like a bird/ Our soul flies/ Through etheric blue/ Freedom/ Past the chill of arctic ice/ Past the body death cold/ Startled/ To be awake/ To be conscious/ But here/ In stunning blue void/ Feeling exhilaration/ In every particle of being/ Dawns/ On the awakening consciousness/ The piercing longing/ For eternal Love.’ Such poetry is like Japanese brush strokes writing characters in Sanskrit that we all somehow understand.


“CHACONNE, a book of early poems spanning the years 1956 to 1975, is dedicated to Kirpal Singh, as are all of Forte’s books. Its 260 pages also span the spectrum of poetry, from urban, contemporary scenes of pain, to Tagore-like hymns of praise to God. They convey a mood that is poignantly spiritual, knowing without presuming, teaching without doctrine, uplifting without preaching. They are psalms of joy and pain, yearning to leave the world behind, but cherishing its beauty.” Evan Pritchard, Editor, RESONANCE MAGAZINE





it dense with the ‘great imperative.’ A poem - gentle but very strong.” Paul Caponigro, photographer.

As described by the author,

THE TRANSPARENT HERO unfolds in drama and poetry following the golden thread of common teachings of all developed religions including Ancient Egyptian, Zoroastrian, and all others in a view for the contemporary reader and for those in the future.




“As we read WHEN THE ROPE IS UNTIED, we felt we could see the author’s life and spirit. We were impressed by the author’s broad and profound perspectives of world religions. Different views found harmony in his insight.” Jian Rong Liu,

Master of Theological Studies, HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOL, and former Associate Senior Editor and Director, Social Science Department, SHANGHAI TRANSLATION PUBLISHING COMPANY, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA




“Enchanting.” Gour Das, Professor, DELHI UNIVERSITY, INDIA



“God bless you! You truly express the divine Fire! Your poetry blends heart and feeling with higher mental perception. A true artist-mystic is thus able to call spiritual forces down, as well as to lift himself/herself up. ... a veritable ‘Embarrassment of Riches’ ... [CHACONNE] weaving through a Bachian counterpoint of images. Beautiful! Thank God for divine Madness!” Dr. George Arnsby Jones, Editor, PEACEHAVEN QUARTERLY



“ James Forte, this reviewer has come to learn, is an extremely gifted, prolific and profound poet and composer. I was privileged to review and endorse his latest musical album, At the Edge of Dawn, and now I have the good fortune to present to you WHEN THE ROPE IS UNTIED.


“Here is a glorious book of poetry that offers the wisdom, guidance and spirituality of all faiths, with an emphasis on Eastern beliefs. For instance, Mr. Forte writes, ‘There is God/The single supreme source/ Of all that is/ We are meant/ To see God/ Most of us do not.’ Mr. Forte concludes with a vision of hope to find God, ‘Through the practice/ Of love and truth/ In all our thoughts/ In all our words/ In all our deeds.’


“WHEN THE ROPE IS UNTIED speaks beautifully to many issues...from death to forgiveness, from love to truth, and from religion to God. This reviewer’s words of praise pale in the glow of Mr. Forte’s enchanting messages, ‘Those/ Who built religion/ Were/ Ordinary men/ They built/ With sacred bricks/ Bricks of gold/ God/ Built/Religion/ Out of spirit/ And clothed it/ In ordinary flesh/ Foolish humans/ Prize the gold’

“ Very few of us can write good music, and very few of us can pen insightful guidance in poetic metre. James Forte does both as well as this reviewer has heard or seen. Is it genius? Is he a Lightworker? You decide after reading WHEN THE ROPE IS UNTIED. No matter which appellation you select, your life will be changed by WHEN THE ROPE IS UNTIED.”

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS



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